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terra austral Lda company was established in November 2012 in Maputo. The company deals with planning and execution of geotechnical site investigations targeted to geological, geotechnical and biochemical characterization of soils.

terra austral Lda company intend to perform by its technical services in the microregion called Austral Africa and in particularly in Mozambique.

terra austral Lda is able to perform the following services:

  • Geotechnical and geomechanical tests with a high specialization level, both on site and in laboratory
  • Water and mining surveys
  • Installation and management of geotechnical, environmental and structural monitoring systems

The technical staff of terra austral Lda formed by geologists and engineers plan, coordinates and carries out geotechnical and environmental site investigations using direct and indirect techniques and keeping a continuous technical and scientific cooperation with designers, consultants and companies.

Instruments and expertise of terra austral Lda allow to obtain stratigraphical and lithological reconstructions of soils as well as all parameters necessary to the definition of their physical and mechanical behaviour.

By a particular survey method is possible to find possible or in progress contaminations of soils and underground waters.

terra austral Lda is able to offer, if requested by the customer, consultancy services in the geological field for supporting the designers during the phases of planning and processing, taking care of all geological aspects in the total respect of each competence.

The reasons which have brought to the establishment of the company arises from the exigency of being able to furnish a structured presence on the Austral Africa market, which has a wide and important request of high level technological services . “terra austral Lda project” was born as natural extension of the experience developed by Terra s.r.l., the Italian company established in 1994 which has stood out on the Italian and international market for its high level services to the customer.

terra austral Lda is able to offer geotechnical and geomechanical laboratory services, as well as tests on building materials, by our laboratories in Maputo and Pemba (Mozambique), supported by the historic laboratory G.E.T. (Geotechnical & Engineering Testing) s.r.l., another company of the group, seated in Genoa and performing from 1981 by laboratory and on site tests carried out in every part of the world (in Africa: Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Mozambique, Somalia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Nigeria, Congo, Gabon and Seychelles).